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High Density Economic Pallet Storage Selective, Double Deep .In the large-scale warehouse system in Vietnam that HAIMY has implemented, it has brought many economic benefits to customers.


Haimy Drive-In / Drive-Thru pallet rack systems are a cost-effective solutions to high-density storage. These pallet rack storage systems are second only to selective rack in lowest cost per pallet position. Pallets are set in place along a rail system at each pallet level by a forklift so there is no need for costly conveyor rails or push back carts.


There is no limitation to the depth of either system, (Pallet positions configure from 2 to 7 deep and 2 to 5 high) thus reducing the need for many aisles and drastically increasing storage density.


Last in / First out (LIFO)

Drive-In pallet rack systems are designed to load and retrieve pallets from only one side. This creates a Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) inventory retrieval system.


On longer systems forklift navigation may become difficult.


First in / First out (FIFO) 

Drive-Thru pallet rack systems are designed to load from one end of the system and unload from the other side. This creates a First In First Out inventory retrieval system.


Forklifts are able to enter from either end of the drive thru rack system.


Drive-In / Thru Pallet Rack Systems

  • Lowest cost solution for high density pallet storage.
  • Maximises the use of warehouse space .
  • Is cost effectively serviced by a variety of forklifts including Counterbalanced and Reach Trucks.
  • Ideal for Last in / First out or First in / First out storage requirements or when storing a large amount of the same product.
  • Drive-In/ Drive-Thru pallet Racking is ideal for many industry sectors including General Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing and the Cold Storage Industry..


About design

  • Incredibly versatile storage system.
  • Can be configured to create multi- level shelving systems .
  • Can be set, formatted rich cargo floor system.
  • Suitable for high-rise narrow aisle storage systems with automatic or manual order picking equipment.

High Density Economic Pallet Storage .

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Kệ Drive In Hai My Rack
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