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Stacked racking systems are a flexible solution for warehouses with lots of space that cannot be installed with fixed racking system or warehouses which are suitable for storing moving goods (eg: construction site). (eg: construction site).

Goods will be put on specially designed iron pallets that can be stacked up to 5-6 floors. When not in use, they can be folded neatly to save warehouse space and still store goods effectively.

Stacked racks also make the import and export of goods easier. Forklifts can directly move the stacking racks containing goods on the shelves, saving a lot of time of transfering goods.

HAI MY stacking racks are coated with electrostatic paint, so they are resistant to oxidation, rust and metal corrosion. Since then, the durability of HAI MY stacking racks can be up to 10 - 20 years.

Currently, stacking storage racks are widely used in different warehouses.

kệ xếp chồng Hai My Rack
kệ xếp chồng Hai My Rack

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