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How to upgrade the warehouse system?

Before purchasing warehouse shelving it is important to understand your needs.


Our sales staff is shelving experts who understand your concerns, and will use their vast experience to find solutions to your warehouse shelving needs. There are many different types of warehouse shelving including: pallet rack, industrial rack, light storage shelving, steel storage racks, cantilever racks and more. We can provide installation services for moves and relocation. HAIMY can meet your warehouse storage needs whatever the size, capacity or design. We will work with you to determine the best warehouse shelving system to meet your needs.


Please try to raise your problems, questions with our sales team; We are ready to listen, absorb your issues, and then we will suggest you the best racking system that suits your requirements, and you just need to make a decision about them. I am a manufacturer, providing you with shelf products… we will quickly respond to your needs.

How to choose the optimal investment budget for the best effective storage system?

When looking for a warehouse rack system at the best price.

  • HAIMY is your one stop shopping location.
  • Our warehouse rack systems are the choice when you need more capacity than traditional shelving offers, and are designed for immediate load access of all pallets and have easy installation and re-configuration capability.
  • Look to HAIMY when trying to find the safest warehouse rack system for your business. 
  • Try our sales department with your question.
  • We listen to your needs and then we will suggest the optimal pallet storage rack system that you can count on to handle your particular storage situation or if you prefer you can order your pallet storage rack system online whichever you want.
  • If you have any question please call or fax us about appropriately designing your new warehouse racking system.

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