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The chrome-plated mesh household shelf is a new product line of HAI MY Company provided to the market, the compact shelf product is a practical solution for narrow areas.

HAI MY chrome-plated mesh shelf has good anti-rust, anti-oxidation, product durability for a long time.

The product shelf is designed and manufactured firmly to serve many practical needs such as: Shelves for household goods (for books, shoes, kitchen shelves, ...), Shelves for storage. files in the office (files, papers, documents, ...) or product display shelves for grocery stores, newsstands, water counters, etc.

HAI MY chrome-plated household shelving comes in two forms: fixed and with wheels. Suitable for a variety of uses by customers. The size and height of the HAI MY chrome plated mesh shelf can be easily adjusted according to the needs of the customer.

Products of chrome-plated mesh shelves are currently popular in domestic and international markets.

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