Pallet Racking


Haimyrack Shelving Systems are like a smaller version of pallet racking systems. Comprising uprights, a variety of beams, and a wide range of shelf types to carry bins, trays, boxes and cartons. .(including vertical columns, horizontal support bars, panels, etc. containers, or hard paper boxes to store goods, ...).


HAIMY Shelving is a complete storage system for light to medium-duty warehouse, retail and industrial storage applications. Two or three-tiered shelving structures can provide access to valuable overhead space without compromising put-away and picking productivity.



  • Incredibly versatile storage system.
  • Can be configured to create multi- level shelving systems .
  • Can be set, formatted rich cargo floor system.
  • Suitable for high-rise narrow aisle storage systems with automatic or manual order picking equipment.

Small No of Pallets per SKU & Large No of SKUs.

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