Automated warehouse racking system is the most complex design industrial racking system to apply to highly standardized warehouses, extremely scientific warehouse management. In the world today, people have successfully applied automation solutions in warehouse management. Including all kinds of warehouses that use pallets, do not use pallets, etc.


HAI MY has designed, manufactured, and manufactured semi-automatic shelves (Radio Shuttle shelves, robot shelves) for warehouse systems using pallets. This automated warehouse racking system uses picking robots. Highly appreciated for safety and accuracy when operating in the warehouse. Businesses will save a lot of resources when choosing to use this line of automation shelves. Automatic warehouse racking is now widely applied in many warehouses of many different industries.


At Vietbuild Exhibition 2008 in Ho Chi Minh City, HAI MY introduced this new product. Warehouse automation is the trend of the future.

kệ kho chứa hàng Radio Shuttle
kệ kho hàng tự động hóa
kệ ự động Radio Shuttle
kệ robot Radio Shuttle Rack

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