kệ tay đỡ cantilever Hai My Rack

Industrial Rack


The Cantilever HAI MY RACK is designed to accommodate goods that are unstable in length and product size. This type of industrial racking fully utilizes the easy front loading and unloading of goods, eliminating the obstacles along the top to bottom like traditional pallet racking, which means it is not entangled by columns in the front like pallet racking.


The length of the Cantilever Rack is the space used to store the goods. In addition, the armrest racking system is very flexible, very good application in storing products of different lengths on the same rack, even on a single floor.


The installation of this type of Cantilever racking creates a Cantilever warehouse, which is the most optimal solution for storing and storing long and heavy goods such as: lumber, steel pipes, machinery and equipment, ..etc. Carpets, furniture, construction materials or other products of unusual sizes and sizes can still be placed on the shelves of the Cantil shelf, just without causing damage to the shelves. .

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