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Roll Formed Cantilever Racks Cantibolt cantilever racks offer secure, efficient storage for long or irregular shaped loads at modest cost, and are well suited for light to medium duty load service.


Both columns and arms are fabricated of tubular, roll formed steel. Arms are secured to pre-punched holes on the column with 2 bolts, and are adjustable on 3" centers. Strong, pre-welded brace panels anchor columns together; are available in varying widths to meet arm spacing and column height requirements. Arm lengths range from 12" to 60". Maximum column height is 240".


Cant-I-Beam rack systems are constructed of rugged l-beam components and are designed for service in medium or heavy-duty storage applications. Both columns and arms are I-beam sections, with the arms secured to the column by 4 bolts. Arms can be adjusted vertically on 4" centers, and are available in several angles of incline for load retention. Base members are also I-beam construction and fasten to the column with 6 or 8 bolts. One base unit is required for single side storage; two bases for double side storage. Column load capacities range up to 40,000 Ibs per side.

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