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Excellent Capacity Where High Roof Available In the Narrow and Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Rack solution , The pallets can be stored at a greater height to maximize all available cubic space. The pallets are accessed via specialist trucks, (called Turret/Swing-Reach Trucks or, in some cases, Automatic Stacker Cranes) which are guided in the very narrow aisles by either low or high profile floor mounted rails or electronic wire guidance in the floor.


Case picking is also possible with man-up Turret/Swing Reach Trucks, Stockpickers and AS/RS systems with appropriate attachments. (commonly known as a “small tower”, “swing” forklift, in some cases, it is called an automatic crane) These forklifts can maneuver in a narrow or very narrow aisle with very high reach operability. Sometimes the forklift path has to be very specially designed, there may be guide rails and the forklift is electrically controlled.


Minimises aisle width and increases net area utilisation . Ideal for lower throughput stock and bulk reserve storage . Suitable for high bay applications

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Kệ Narrow Aisle Hai My Rack

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