kệ kho không dùng pallet

Storage system


This type of warehouse system is designed to meet the needs of products and goods not using pallets, but often in the form of Cartons, Baskets. (Bins), reel (Pieces) standards or for spare parts, furniture, merchandise in round boxes, wine, car wheel holders, carpets, file storage, clerical documents, etc., and many others.


The shape of this type of shelf includes the extended Shelving shelf . with various uses of decks and detached systems, A-frame pallet racking, and pallet racking systems (Cantilever) to hold long cargo products, such as wood and steel, or can be designed for specific storage solutions such as having structures to hold the goods in rolls (such as steel, fabric, paper, ...) and tube form.

kệ kho chứa hàng non-pallet Hai My Rack
kệ kho hàng Hai My Rack
kệ kho chứa hàng
kệ kho không dùng pallet

Pallet Racking

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Non-Pallet Racking System

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