Pallet racking


Double deep racking is created by placing two double entry runs together.Greater use of floor space by reducing the number of access aisles.


With over 30 years of experience, Haimyrack is the obvious choice to help you design a Double Deep racking solution which maximizes warehouse effectiveness.



  • Pallets are stored two deep and are accessed using special trucks with pantograph of telescopic forks.
  • Increases storage density compared to selective racking .
  • Approximately same capital cost per pallet position as selective rack.
  • Requires Deep Reach style forklift for storage and retrieval.
  • Load weights and height limited to forklift capacity.

  • Load weights and height limited to forklift capacity.
  • Operator must remove front pallet in order to access rear.
  • Last In First Out (LIFO) inventory is easily accommodated by placing the last pallet in the front slot so it is the first to be picked.
  • Because pallets are stored one behind the other the number of available pick faces is reduced.
  • Floor Area Utilization: 50% (High)

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Small No of Pallets per SKU & Large No of SKUs.

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Pallet Racking

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