xe đẩy hàng nhiều tầng Hai My Rack

Hai My industrial multi-storey custom-manufactured trolleys

(Haimy.com) – Multi-storey trolley là một trang bị được sử dụng cực kì phổ biến trong các cửa hàng, nhà kho của doanh nghiệp hiện nay. Vậy những lợi ích của sản phẩm này là gì? Cấu tạo xe day hang nhieu tang này ra sao và nên mua ở đâu? Hãy cùng Hai My Rack learn about these information with Hai My Rack through the following article:

Cấu tạo xe đẩy hàng nhiều tầng Hai My Rack  

Xe đẩy hàng Hai My gồm các chi tiết chính sau:

  • Columns: with key holes to hook the wire mesh on easily.
  • Steel grids: where to put the goods on. Directly bearing the weight of the goods.
  • Base frames: connect with the column to create the frame and link with the moving wheels.
  • Wheels: help the trolley move easily.

xe đẩy hàng nhiều tầng Hai My Rack

Advantages of industrial multi-storey trolleys in modern life 

  • Sort and arrange goods neatly and orderly
  • Move goods back and forth easily when needed
  • Reduce the number of human labor thanks to wheels, no need to use too much people when transporting goods.
  • Save time for users when moving goods.
  • The multi-tiered trolley has a highly aesthetic design, so you can use them to display products in stores or warehouses.

xe đẩy hàng Hai My Rack

The applications of Multi-storey trolleys

Hai My trolleys with the 50-kg-per-floor load capacity are now commonly used in:

  • Retail stores, retail chains 
  • Warehouses, industrial warehouses
  • Cold storage, cool storage
  • Greenhouse, flower garden, orchard, agricultural garden.

Why should you choose Hai My multi-storey trolleys? 

HAI MY RACK - With more than 30 years of manufacturing and selling warehouse solutions such as: warehouse racks, household shelves, industrial trolleys, steel pallets,.... are treated surface by powder coating or hot-dip galvanizing (zinc coating). We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of warehouse trolleys, light galvanized trolleys, garden trolleys, cage trolleys.

Xe day hang Hai My Rack has been covering the Vietnamese market and reaching out to international customers in countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.


Logo Hai My 800 x 250


The outstanding features of Hai My multi-tier trolleys  

  • Hai My trolleys reach ISO 9001 certification - An European quality assessment standard.
  • Long product durability thanks to surface treatment with hot-dip galvanizing (zinc coating) or powder coating. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, good anti-oxidation..
  • The most competitive price on the market
  • Trolleys’ design and load capacity depend on requirements of the customers. We always try to meet the most detailed requirements of customers.
  • Shelves can be changed and adjusted easily with separate components.
  • 12-month warranty policy, support and reliability.



lưới sắt mạ kẽm nhúng nóng Hai My

Hai My Rack steel multi-storey trolley

xe đẩy hàng 50 kg Hai My Rack

xe đẩy hàng nhiều tầng Hai My Rack

bánh xe xe đẩy hàng Hai My

lưới sắt Hai My Rack

lưới sắt mạ kẽm nhúng nóng Hai My Rack

Hai My steel trolley
xe đẩy hàng Hai My
multi storey steel trolley - Hai My Rack



Hotline: 0978 475 575
Email: contact@haimy.com
Office: 2nd Floor – Kim Tam Hai Building, 27 Truong Chinh Street, Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Factory: Lot HF6 – HF7. Road No.3, Xuyen A Industrial Park, Duc Hoa District. Long An Province, Vietnam.



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