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HAI MY Mezzanine floor is designed according to American standards, now this type of Mezzanine racking system is a very popular solution in the warehouse system in the US. In Vietnam, warehouses are still very narrow, mezzanine floor racking system can be used for both purposes, office and warehouse.


The designs for HAI MY warehouse system as well as the manufacture and installation of this steel industrial Mezzanine floor racking system are made with solid structures.

Material Lifts


  • This Mezzanine floor racking system has a separate lift, which is simple in design and cheaper than standard cargo lifts. The device moves vertically, safely and efficiently lifting goods from the warehouse floor to the Mezzanine floor and vice versa.
  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors ( VRC) (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor)

Thang nâng hàng kệ Mezzanine

We will design, fabricate and install structural steel mezzanines that will suit your application and budget.

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